LINCOLN OYUGI; The new Esquire in town

At the most pragmatic level , lawyers are society’s professional problem solvers . They are called upon to make distinctions, explain how and why cases or experiences are alike or different . They are simply the equilibrium , writes Rennard Strickland in his book, ‘The Lawyer Myth’.

Just like Rennard , I choose to look at Law as a stowaway of the society . The great thinkers and runners of civilization . And it is through this line that I mark a great beginning , in the story of my life . The story that will have many fixes and turns . However , I am pretty sure that this particular story will be intriguing. And the new story is …. , I am finally a Law student ! ( Joining Law School)

Having for a long time taken keen interest in decision and policy making , it is only great and satisfying that I study Law . This comes as an assuring news , not only to my conscience but also to my close associates .

From an early age , my peers had always linked me to Law , stepping into a courtroom with a wig and that weird robe. In my almar mater , Alliance High School , my classmates christened me PLO , for many reasons , one of them being my close resemble with one Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba on matters law legal , constitutional and historical analysis.

During my gap year internship , my boss ,Elsie Mbugua, more than once recognized my Legal capabilities , and even made jests that I should be made her company’s Lawyer . A challenge that I found interesting.

To date , most people , friends and not so friends , still wonder why I had not joined Law School immediately after high school.

I believe that life is a journey ,and at the right time , the appropriate thing(s) happen . And finally , I answer to the deep and subtle passionate call, by responding that ambition can’t wait . I cannot wait to learn on Jurisprudence , Constitutionalism, Statutes , Torts and much more . I believe by the end of this mission , I will be a man fit to make sound judgements and decisions regarding my society , so help me God!

And to my parents , a Thank You note may not be enough . The support you have shown me as I pursue my dreams and drive my ambitions are just enormous. You have a special place in my heart .

And with that , the Journey Begins !

By Lincoln Oyugi

Just as Isaac Newton died a virgin, I'll die a writer!

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