Open Letter to MKU SoL Students

In partnership with The Spotlight Club

“To our future as Americans: This is our time to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunities for our people, restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace, reclaim the American Dream and reaffirm the fundamental truth that even with our diversity, we are one and that we breath hop” shouts the speech of Barack Obama as he accepted his victory as the 44th American President. To get you to context, I am a huge fan of Obama and especially his oratory skills and I have gone to bed with several of his speeches but then this particular one holds a more special place in my heart because it speaks about the need to get to work and secure a future through political leadership. When I listened to this speech again this morning, the vivid images of MKU Law School could not escape my mind. I saw the image of a school trying its best to establish a strong student leadership body embedded on salient qualities and abilities.

Therefore, as you people continue to dance to the drum beats of the high octane political season in the school, I think it is the best time to communicate to all of you the students of MKU Law.
It is that season when your favorite student politician will approach you, asking for your vote and promising to give you eternal life once in office, or to supply you with pizza every single day, come on you know the unrealistic promises these candidates give you. I am not against false promises at all, no, if anything a good politician is that one who knows how to turn a lie into the truth and ride on this popularity, but what my worry is on the electorate, who like a woman in a toxic relationship, will go ahead and believe about lies even at the time when they are so obvious. I believe this letter will be instrumental at ensuring that the forthcoming elections are won on merit and competency rather than PR and noise. I believe this letter will guide you to make a sound political decision when you get to the ballot so that you can vote for candidates who will secure your future, candidates who are dedicated to work and create opportunities. A new generation of leaders.

In writing this letter, I am guided by the Foundation of Science in Leadership of Northeastern University definition of the impeccable leadership characteristics that every effective leader MUST possess. I settled on this yardstick because I believe it conforms to the universal expectations of leadership. To start with, any leader must be self-aware and prioritize personal development. This basically means that a leader must be a person who is aware of their own philosophies and ideologies. A person who has a stand about issues, or in other words, a person who is assertive about topics. In electing such a person, you have eliminated lukewarm elements who stand for nothing. Leaders who are not self-aware tend to be selfish and opportunistic because they literally do not know what they want. If you ask such leaders what they stand for, you will watch them in awe as they murmur without any tangible response. A leader who prioritizes personal development is a person who values their personal growth in areas such as academics, finances, career, good health and morality. Such leaders can lead effectively because they themselves are confident and look forward at improving others because they themselves are developed. Dear MKU Law students, the biggest tragedy will be electing into office people who are not self-aware and who do not value personal development.

Effective leaders focus on developing others. Iron sharpens iron so they say. An effective leader understands that there are so many other people capable of leadership and can lead apart from themselves and are keen at developing them. An effective leader looks at the future at a time when they will not be in office and mentor people who will take over. This reminds me of one time I showed interests of vying in MKU Law, so I followed the due diligence of submitting my application and was ready for vetting, only to wake up on the vetting day to find my application missing. After my investigations, I realized that a senior member of the student council at that time disappeared with my application because my entry to students meant that I could overcome him. While I will not mention his name, I find this as a great example of people who get into office accidentally but who have zero leadership capabilities. In electing your net leadership, look out at fellas like this, and avoid them like plague because with them in office, the school will remain low profile forever because they think that everyone is in competition with them.

An effective leader is strategic, innovative and creative. They say necessity is the mother of invention, but I believe leadership is the father. Without good leadership, even necessity will not occur. As a leader, you should be able to look around and come up with solutions even at times when it looks impossible. Even when you have no resources at all, you need projects done and this will require extreme creativity. When a person comes to ask for your votes, ask them what they can achieve with $1. If they cannot come up with a unique use of this little money then they are not creative enough to get into office.

An effective leader is ethical minded. They say ethics is the foundation of leadership. You cannot hold any leadership tittle if you have no maximum ethics. How do you behave around people, how do you relate with people, how honest are you with your manifesto, do you take responsibility? The bottom line is how do you intend to hold the integrity and the reputation of your office? These are the tough questions that dear MKU Law students must ask their political candidates.
An effective leader is an effective communicator. Look, good communication is everything. A person who can negotiate on your behalf, a person who can relate well with the majority, a person who can create networks, a person who can secure opportunities. If any leader, or one who purports to be a leader cannot effectively communicate anything substantial apart from TIBIM and TIALALA, THEN ELECTING THEM TO OFFICE IS A SUICIDE MISSION.

I believe my letter was in a good faith, and that it helps you to make sound political choices even as the elections near. This post was done in conjunction with The Spotlight Club.
I am a political strategist and can help designing your political agenda and ideas. Contact me if you need such services at

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By Lincoln Oyugi

Just as Isaac Newton died a virgin, I'll die a writer!

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